CAHF unveils new pet projects

Border collie dog sitting on the seat of a gator parked near cattle.
Photo: Christina Weese.

Thanks to a record number of grant applications, the Companion Animal Health Fund (CAHF) is investing more than $152,000 in 10 pet health research projects for 2024-25.

These studies, which focus on a range of companion animal health issues, will be conducted by Western College of Veterinary Medicine (WCVM) researchers and their collaborators. Click here for more details about the new projects.

Assessing the efficacy and safety of glucagon for treating severe hypoglycemia in cats
Drs. Elisabeth Snead and Jessica Lam, WCVM

Characterization of Wilms tumour 1 expression in normal and neoplastic tissue of cats and dogs 
Dr. Melissa Meachem, WCVM

Use of cone-beam computed tomography scans instead of diagnostic computed tomography scans for radiation treatment planning of canine sinonasal tumours
Drs. Monique Mayer, Eriola Hida and Sally Sukut, WCVM; Dr. Michele Keyerleber, Tufts University; and Dr. Narinder Sidhu, B.C. Cancer Centre

Deciphering tumour heterogeneity: thorough necropsy, imaging and transcriptomics in naturally occurring cancers in dogs
Drs. Arata Matsuyama and Jasmine Yu Gu, WCVM; Dr. Dean Chamberlain, USask College of Medicine; and Dr. Michael Zabrodski, Prairie Diagnostic Services

Pharmacokinetics of intranasal or intramuscular atipamezole in dogs with and without xylazine
Drs. Jen Loewen, Vanessa Cowan and Al Chicoine, WCVM

Comparison of immune check point molecules expression in lymphoma and reactive lymphocytic populations in cats and dogs
Drs. Ryan Dickinson, Alireza Rocky, Bruce Wobeser, Valerie MacDonald Dickinson, Nicole Fernandez and Melissa Meachem, WCVM; and Dr. Jennifer Davies, University of Calgary

Solensia versus placebo for the treatment of obstructive feline interstitial cystitis in male cats
Dr. Kevin Cosford, WCVM

Efficacy comparison of two durations of amoxicillin therapy for uncomplicated urinary tract infections in dogs
Drs. Al Chicoine and Joe Rubin, WCVM

Expression and function of ATP synthase inhibitory factor-1 in hemangiosarcomas
Drs. Gurpreet Aulakh, Behzad Toosi and Arata Matsuyama, WCVM

Cardiorespiratory effects of sedation with alfaxalone-midazolam-hydromorphone or dexmedetomidine- midazolam-hydromorphone prior to isoflurane anesthesia in healthy rabbits
Drs. Barbara Ambros, Shannon Beazley and Isabelle Duprez, WCVM


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