Vet Topics (Spring 2019) now online

The Spring 2019 issue of Vet Topics is now available online. Click here to download a PDF version that includes the following stories:

  • A gift to last: The Companion Animal Health Fund (CAHF) has received a generous gift from the estate of Dr. Michael Powell, a beloved small animal veterinarian who served the Saskatoon area for 35 years. His gift will continue to support the WCVM and CAHF for years to come.
  • Does Fido really need that antibiotic?: Dr. Trisha Dowling and her WCVM research team have been investigating the effects of using antibiotics in suspected canine UTI cases, the most common bacterial infection in dogs.
  • The animal side of critical care: The WCVM small animal emergency and intensive care unit (ICU) is never dull — and the emergency critical care team who care for its patients work tirelessly to help thousands of pets annually.
  • Creating a legacy of animal health research: Throughout its 40-year history, the Companion Animal Health Fund has sponsored hundreds of research studies worth thousands of dollars — providing support that will only continue.
  • Parvo protection: WCVM researchers are trying to identify warning signs and patterns associated with canine parvovirus — a common, unpredictable and deadly virus that affects all kinds of dogs.
  • Pet nutrition has a new home at WCVM: The Nestlé Purina Inpatient Feeding Suite provides a new and centralized feeding area at the WCVM that’s capable of accommodating all kinds of animal diets.

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