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Vet Topics (Summer 2017)

Sookie during a bandage change at the WCVM in January 2017. Photo by Jeanette Neufeld.

The Summer 2017 issue of Vet Topics is now available online. Click here to download a PDF version of the issue that includes the following stories:

  • Sookie’s second chance: Sookie’s leg had to be amputated after it was caught in a snare trap. With the help of her owners and the WCVM’s surgery and rehabilitation teams, she was successfully fit for a prosthetic limb.
  • CAHF research fellow: A profile of CAHF research fellow Dr. Koji Aoki, a small animal surgery resident.
  • Pet research: A listing of the WCVM research projects that have received support from the CAHF.
  • Sophie’s pet projects: Donor Sophie Katarynych has made an incredible impact on the WCVM with donations of equipment, especially for the college’s pet rehabilitation centre.
  • Searching for answers to sudden blindness in dogs: Researchers are working to better understand a condition called sudden acquired retinal degeneration syndrome in dogs.

Want to receive the print version of Vet Topics? Send your name and mailing address to pet.health@usask.ca, and we’ll add you to our mailing list!


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