Vet Topics (Winter 2011) now online

Papillon puppy

Two-month-old Jona, a purebred papillon, frolics in the snow. Photo: Rachelle Sigurdson, courtesy of the MVMA Great Manitoba Dog Party Photo contest.

The Winter 2011 issue of Vet Topics — publication for the Western College of Veterinary Medicine’s Companion Animal Health Fund — is now online in a new, easy-to-navigate format. View the Winter 2011 issue of Vet Topics:

• Dogs Key to Understanding Congenital Disease in Humans: A unique muscle disorder not previously seen in Labrador retrievers is helping human researchers learn more about a congenital muscle disease in infant boys.

• “The Why is What’s Important”: WCVM surgeon Dr. Peter Gilbert has wanted to know how things work ever since he was a boy growing up in Australia.

• Metal May Shine as UTI Therapy: PhD student Dr. Katherine Ball puts gallium to the test as a potential treatment for urinary tract infections in dogs and humans. 

• A Summer Steeped in Science: Several veterinary students spent the summer of 2010 investigating new aspects of companion animal health with their faculty mentors.

• A Look Inside Nuclear Scintigraphy: Medical imaging specialist Dr. Tawni Silver answers questions about the WCVM Veterinary Teaching Hospital’s newest medical imaging service.


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