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WCVM undergraduate student research

Poop, parasites and public health

February 03rd, 2014

It may look like ordinary, everyday dog poop, but to researchers at the Western College of Veterinary Medicine (WCVM), those little lumps contain a treasure trove of public health information. That’s one of the key facts that I learned this summer as a WCVM research student, travelling around Saskatchewan collecting dog feces — a job that gave me first-hand experience …

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The twists and turns of research

It’s common knowledge that no matter how well you prepare, research experiments never go perfectly according to plan. I think back to this idea as I watch a team of veterinary specialists try, for the fourth time, to unsuccessfully place a catheter into the spleen of an anesthetized dog. “It [can be] a little bit frustrating sometimes just because it’s …

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Susan Mehain and Sandy

Student takes closer look at blastomycosis

With a strong interest in internal medicine, Susan Mehain of North Vancouver, B.C., has been thoroughly enjoying her experience at the Western College of Veterinary Medicine (WCVM). “It’s great to meet other students who share your interests,” says the veterinary student. “And the opportunity to be around some remarkable clinicians and researchers here is really amazing.” One of Mehain’s favourite …

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Family dog’s injury led to veterinary career

When Tegan Alce of Victoria, B.C., applied to the Western College of Veterinary Medicine (WCVM), she was initially put on the alternate list. Afraid that she’d never get in, Alce scheduled a counselling appointment with Elaine Angielski, the WCVM’s administrative officer for admissions at the time. But before Alce could ask how she could improve her chances of being accepted, …

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Caitlin Wright

Zooming in on Zhangfei’s cancer impact

After 16-year-old Caitlin Wright participated in a Heart and Stroke Foundation scholarship program, she fully expected to study human medicine in university. But as she grew older, Wright’s love of animals caused her to change her mind and choose veterinary medicine instead. “I felt it was a career that combined my ability to work with animals, my desire to help …

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Dog’s diet and cardiovascular health: link?

Owning a myriad of animals – including a 16-year-old grey quarter horse gelding, a 14-year-old grey miniature mare, a herd of 30 commercial beef cows with calves, a rough collie cross dog, a teddy bear hamster and a fish tank full of red wag platies and goldfish – it’s no wonder that Cathy Miller decided to strive for a career …

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Sabrina De Baat

Student tests efficacy of Lyme disease vaccine

While living in Burnaby, B.C., Sabrina de Baat had the chance to explore a variety of volunteer opportunities related to animal care. Not only did de Baat work at several veterinary clinics and the local humane society, but she also volunteered at the internationally-known Vancouver Aquarium. “I gave interpretive talks and demonstrations to visitors to raise awareness about aquatic life …

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