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WCVM graduate student

CAHF fellow helps fungus-filled dogs

September 19th, 2013

Physicians use the drug voriconazole in their human patients to cure fungal infections in difficult-to-treat sites and to combat fungal diseases such as systemic aspergillosis. But can this anti-fungal drug be used in dogs? While the use of voriconazole in dogs hasn’t been extensively studied, the drug does offer advantages over other medications. “This drug has a very good penetration …

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CAHF fellow Dr. Julie Lemetayer. Photo: Melissa Cavanagh.
Maggie chewing on toy

A safer solution to a sticky problem?

When my little dog Maggie was young, she would chew anything she could get her paws on: a lamp cord, cell phone charger, TV cable, garbage cans, clothing, the bathroom curtain and even the bottom of a door. But most of all, she loved to gnaw on the pig’s hoof that I gave her to chew. One day Maggie seemed …

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Calico cat: Abby

Diagnostic precision for pancreatic cancer

Feline pancreatic adenocarcinoma is a rare and fatal malignant cancer of the pancreas in cats. Symptoms of the disease appear very similar to pancreatitis and are generally non-specific, making it a challenge to diagnose. “In some cases, it can be difficult to establish a diagnosis before death,” says Dr. Melissa Meachem, a Western College of Veterinary Medicine (WCVM) graduate student …

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Dr. Melissa Meachem

Clinical pathology career a custom fit

Originally from Spruce Grove, Alta., Dr. Melissa Meachem grew up among all kinds of animals ranging from the family dog to the cows, horses and sheep at her grandparents’ farm. But the thought of a career as a veterinarian never entered her mind until her second year of undergraduate studies at the University of Alberta (U of A). “I studied …

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