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WCVM scientist seeks imported dogs

February 18th, 2023

A veterinary researcher at the University of Saskatchewan (USask) is hoping to connect with pet owners or canine rescue organizations that have recently imported dogs into Canada or plan to bring animals into the country. “We’re asking that when the dog [comes] into Canada — if you know the date — contact us early so that we can arrange things,” says …

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little white dog in clinic

Vet Topics (Winter 2023) now online

The Winter 2023 issue of Vet Topics, news publication for the veterinary college’s Companion Animal Health Fund, is now available online. Click here to download the PDF of Vet Topics (Winter 2023). This issue includes the following stories:  A passion for pets. The 2022 recipient of the Dr. Michael Powell Award of Excellence is Dr. Mathieu Paulin, a resident in small animal internal medicine …

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Cracking a multi-species mystery

A team of University of Saskatchewan (USask) researchers have cracked a multi-species mystery, documenting the flow of a common canine pathogen from a dog to a human. This finding is the first documented, symptomatic urinary tract infection (UTI) in a human patient caused by transmission of Staphylococcus pseudintermedius bacteria from a dog. Led by Dr. Joseph Blondeau (PhD) of the USask College of …

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Janna Schurer

Northern dogs: sentinels for parasites?

Large, free-roaming dog populations in northern Saskatchewan communities often carry parasites that can pose significant health risks to people living in the area. The dogs can act as disease reservoirs, passing parasite eggs in their feces. People then become infected from environmental contamination. “If we see parasites on the rise in the dog population, then we know that humans in …

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