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Nesfatin-1: obesity, diabetes fighter?

February 13th, 2014

In North America, metabolic diseases such as diabetes and obesity are becoming epidemic among people as well as their pets. As many as 50 per cent of cats and dogs in domestic households are overweight or obese and science still doesn’t fully understand why some individuals are more prone to metabolic disease than others. Dr. Suraj Unniappan, an associate professor …

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WCVM researchers are exploring the anti-obesity and anti-diabetic potential of nesfatin-1, a novel protein. iStockphoto.com.
Beagles eating

Fat cats and portly pups

Q. How prevalent is obesity in pets? There are tremendous variations among the few research studies that focus on pet obesity. One study estimates that about 40 per cent of dogs and 25 per cent of cats are overweight. Other studies report more conservative numbers. Pet obesity is a global problem that varies from area to area. Demographics, climate and …

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