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Intensive care gives Angus a new life

March 07th, 2016

It was an early morning in August when Tyrone Kennedy-Bush of Kindersley, Sask., let his three dogs out for the day. “We let the dogs out to go play, like we always do – we live on a big acreage,” explains Kennedy-Bush. “Someone came into our yard to turn around  … and I guess they ran my dog over.” He …

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Kim Foster in the ICU at WCVM Veterinary Medical Centre

The WCVM’s ICU from eyes inside

When I first walk into the small animal intensive care unit (ICU) at the WCVM Veterinary Medical Centre, there’s activity everywhere: dogs are barking, machines are beeping and clinicians are discussing the unit’s cases. At first, the level of activity and noise is overwhelming. But it soon becomes evident that everything is organized and controlled in this high-paced environment where …

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