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Cancer research piques clinician’s curiosity

July 03rd, 2012

When Dr. Kirsty Elliot decided to return to the Western College of Veterinary Medicine (WCVM) for specialized training, the veterinary oncology resident initially thought her focus would be on clinical research. But after hearing more about WCVM professor Dr. Vikram Misra’s ongoing cancer research, she decided to experience the other end of the spectrum – benchtop work in a laboratory …

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Kirsty Elliot
Dr. Gord Goodridge, Dr. Tawni Silver and Dr. Doug Freeman

“Santa Paws for Pets” backs pet research

For one day every December, Winnipeg veterinarian Dr. Gord Goodridge (WCVM ’75) trades in his stethoscope for a red velvet suit and plays Ol’ St. Nick at the Centennial Animal Hospital’s annual Christmas fundraiser. But while other Santa Clauses bestow their “Ho Ho Hos” on young children, Goodridge shares his lap with a variety of furry, four-legged creatures during the …

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Dr. Connie Stevenson

CAHF Fellow: Dr. Connie Stevenson

With three generations of veterinarians in her family tree, Dr. Connie Stevenson’s career selection was a natural. “My great-grandfather and my grandfather and my uncles were veterinarians. It’s something that I grew up with, and it’s always been in the family.” Her Bachelor of Science degree in biochemistry from Simon Fraser University was also a major motivator and piqued her …

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Former CAHF Fellows: where are they now?

Former Fellows of the CAHF Research Fellowship program are helping to advance companion animal health care in many different ways: some are now practising in specialized companion animal clinics, while others are teaching and conducting research in veterinary colleges across North America. • Dr. Manon Paradis (1980-82): The Fund’s first research fellow was a graduate student from Montréal, Que, who …

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