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A safer solution to a sticky problem?

June 01st, 2013

When my little dog Maggie was young, she would chew anything she could get her paws on: a lamp cord, cell phone charger, TV cable, garbage cans, clothing, the bathroom curtain and even the bottom of a door. But most of all, she loved to gnaw on the pig’s hoof that I gave her to chew. One day Maggie seemed …

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Maggie chewing on toy
dog and technician in kennel

Study first step toward novel therapy

Cancer — it’s a diagnosis that no pet owner wants to hear and no veterinarian wants to make. What can be even tougher is coming up with a prognosis and an appropriate treatment plan for oncology patients. Dr. Kirsty Elliot hopes she can help to improve the odds for pets with cancer. As the oncology resident explains, her research may help …

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