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Dr. Emily Jenkins

Spay-neuter clinics address pet health issues

October 13th, 2014

It’s a Saturday morning in May, and my lab mates and I arrive early for the Canine Action Project’s (CAP) spay-neuter clinic at the elementary school in Little Pine First Nation — a community about 80 kilometres northwest of North Battleford, Sask. I’m helping out with the clinic, but I’m also here to collect dog poo. It’s part of my summer …

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CAP team members monitor their patients in the clinic's temporary "recovery area."
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Poop, parasites and public health

It may look like ordinary, everyday dog poop, but to researchers at the Western College of Veterinary Medicine (WCVM), those little lumps contain a treasure trove of public health information. That’s one of the key facts that I learned this summer as a WCVM research student, travelling around Saskatchewan collecting dog feces — a job that gave me first-hand experience …

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