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Anesthesiologists essential to patient care

April 18th, 2017

Rounds, where each patient’s plan for the day is reviewed, begin at 8 a.m. The room is full of scrubs and sneakers and coffees. A dozen fourth-year veterinary students at the Western College of Veterinary Medicine (WCVM) are taking their clinical rotation through anesthesia for four weeks; each has a case plan written up that is presented to the panel …

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anesthesia team
Veterinary dentist Dr. Candace Grier-Lowe brushes the teeth of Panda, a patient at the WCVM Veterinary Medical Centre. Photo: Christina Weese.

Preventing dental disease in your pet

Many pet owners think that their dogs’ bad breath is normal — but “doggie breath” actually signifies that there’s more going on with your pet’s dental health than you may realize. “Animals can have bad breath without having significant dental disease, but most often, the bad breath that’s associated with bad periodontal disease is pretty noticeable,” says Dr. Jordan Woodsworth, wellness …

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Sparky, fifteen-year-old mixed breed dog.

Keeping pets healthy in their senior years

As my 15-year-old dog has grown older, I’ve noticed some common signs of an aging animal. Sparky is a bit slower, and he now favours a nice nap over a long walk. He’s developed arthritis in his hind legs and has needed more than one tooth to be removed. But although Sparky looks a bit disheveled, he’s still just as …

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canine dentistry closeup

Top 5 questions about periodontal disease

What’s the most frequently diagnosed disease in all ages of dogs? Periodontal disease, says Dr. Candace Grier-Lowe, assistant professor in the Western College of Veterinary Medicine’s Department of Small Animal Clinical Sciences. “I would say about nine out of 10 patients that we see in the WCVM’s Veterinary Medical Centre for routine procedures and yearly exams and vaccines have some …

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