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cranial cruciate ligament

Study sets standard for knee assessment

July 17th, 2012

Wearing a knee brace is a simple and easy method to conservatively manage a knee injury in people. But how useful are these orthopedic devices in dogs that injure their knee joints? “Right now, there’s no peer-reviewed research that actually shows they work even though there are a lot of claims that they do,” says Dr. Rhea Plesman, a small …

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Rose open house

Pets get their groove back with rehabilitation

Meet Rose, a four-year-old, shepherd-border collie cross with alert, intelligent eyes. Judging by the way Rose tears around the dog park these days, you’d never guess that two years ago she was facing down a debilitating injury that made it painful to walk. Her owner, Jan Morris of Saskatoon, Sask., first noticed something was wrong when Rose showed an occasional …

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