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Portable Walk-on Weigh Scale

Portable weigh scale. Photo courtesy of Brecknell Scales.

Equipment: Portable walk-on weigh scale for medium to large breed dogs

Cost: Salter Brecknell Platform Scale PS500 (22 x 42 inches): $495 CAD (online quote). Features include the following:

  • Special hold feature for weighing unstable items (like animals) accurately
  • Powered by AC adapter (included) or 4 AAA batteries (important in remote clinics when power is not always readily available)
  • Stainless steel top allows for easy clean up and resistance to spills (important for infection control)
  • SBI140 Digital Weigh Indicator (included)
  • 250kg x 0.1kg [500lb x 0.2lb] capacity

Accessories required: Indicator floor stand (816965002061) $50 CAD. Total request: $545 + PST/GST = $600. No anticipated upkeep costs. 

Faculty member: Dr. Emily Jenkins

Service: Remote veterinary service and research sampling clinics in northern and Indigenous communities in Saskatchewan.

Proposed use: We are involved in several research projects exploring how veterinary services can better be delivered in remote and Indigenous communities, and investigating the efficacy of delivering these services on an annual basis in terms of reducing risks to animal and public health.

For example, in one community that is a five-hour drive from the nearest veterinary clinic, we have participated in annual spay-neuter-deworm-vaccinate clinics for several years. By testing dogs brought to the clinic, and by collecting samples from dogs in the community, we have demonstrated that yearly deworming led to a substantial reduction of shedding of canine roundworm levels in the community.

Canine roundworm can cause serious problems in puppies that become heavily infected from their mothers during pregnancy (poor growth and development, vomiting).  In addition, dogs shedding roundworms often have free access to playgrounds and schoolyards in this community.  In children who accidentally ingest the eggs of these roundworms, migrating larvae can damage the eyes and brains.  Our studies have shown that 14 per cent of 201 people tested in this community showed exposure to canine roundworm.

We would use this equipment to weigh dogs brought to remote veterinary service clinics.  Accurate weights are very important for determining appropriate amounts of dewormer to administer to dogs, and drugs if animals are being anesthetized for spay or neuter.

In the past, we have had to use bathroom scales, which are inaccurate, dangerous for the owners and volunteers trying to lift dogs onto scales, and run increased risks of human injury (back and bite injuries) and animal injury (being dropped or being overdosed/underdosed with drugs).  As we have some very large dogs in these clinics, a walk-on scale would greatly improve the health and safety of all involved.