Notecards ideal gift for pet lovers, clients

Scooby, CAHF notecards

Scooby. Photo: Rebecca Waczko.

Need some gifts for the pet lovers in your life? Looking for new cards to use for your veterinary clinic’s correspondence?

Check out the Companion Animal Health Fund’s new pet notecard sets that are now available at the Western College of Veterinary Medicine. The sets, which sell for $20, include 16 blank cards that feature four winsome images of pets in full colour (cat and dog sets are sold separately).

What’s exciting is that every time you purchase a set of CAHF notecards, you’re also supporting a variety of activities at the WCVM: companion animal health research projects, specialized veterinary training for small animal specialists and vital purchases of equipment for the WCVM’s Veterinary Medical Centre.

While the cat photos were supplied by Saskatoon-area photographers, the cards’ dog photos were generously donated to the CAHF by the Manitoba Veterinary Medical Association (MVMA). Pet owners and photographers submitted the photos to the MVMA for its Great Manitoba Dog Photo contests in 2005 and 2007.

Since then, the CAHF has used some of the photos (with the photographers’ permission) in its notecard sets and other CAHF promotions. Over the past three years, notecard sales have helped to raise several thousand dollars for the veterinary college’s pet health research fund.

In this latest set, Bishop is featured in the dog card sets along with a Jack Russell terrier named Scooby.  Ironically, Scooby needed veterinary care this fall after she ate mushrooms that caused liver toxicity. Fortunately Scooby has fully recovered and her owner, Rebecca Waczko of Winnipeg, Man., was honoured to have her beloved pet’s photo included in the CAHF’s newest set of notecards.

For more information on how to purchase the CAHF notecards, call Bonnie Cain at 306-966-7268, send an email message to or download the CAHF notecard order form that you can complete and mail along with your payment to the WCVM.


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