WCVM: the student experience

Dr. Trevor Hook (WCVM ’11)

What does it take to become a veterinary student at the WCVM? If you are accepted, what happens during the four-year Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) program? And what kinds of opportunities are available once you graduate from the veterinary college?

These questions and more are answered in a new, 12-minute video called WCVM: The Student Experience that was produced this summer by the WCVM and Bamboo Shoots, a Saskatoon-based media firm. The presentation, which is posted on YouTube, will be used by the WCVM’s admissions team for student recruitment activities in Western Canada.

The presentation includes interviews with eight men and women who are either current students or alumni of the western Canadian veterinary college. Each person gives some candid insights about their varied backgrounds and interests, what they did to prepare for applying to the WCVM and what’s expected of veterinary students once they make it through the doors of the college.

“I believe that if you’re pursuing a career in veterinary medicine, then you enjoy the lifestyle, the environment, the animals and the science — that’s why I’m here,” says Dr. Trevor Hook, who is featured in the video. Hook successfully graduated from the WCVM in June 2011 and is now practising at Central Veterinary Clinic in Ponoka, Alta.

Visit the WCVM Undergraduate Program for more information about the veterinary college’s DVM program and its admissions requirements.


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