Vet Topics (Winter 2012) now online

Dr. Candace Grier-Lowe

Dr. Candace Grier-Lowe and her dog Lola. Photo: Debra Marshall.

The Winter 2012 issue of Vet Topics — news publication for the WCVM’s Companion Animal Health Fund — is now available online. Click here to view Vet Topics. This issue’s highlights include:

• A Splash of Prevention: WCVM assistant professor Dr. Candace Grier-Lowe investigated the effectiveness of a water additive in reducing plaque and calculus in pets’ mouths.

• Anything is Possible: A high school guidance counsellor once told Dr. Candace Grier-Lowe that she wasn’t cut out for veterinary medicine. Now her story is an inspiration to young western Canadians.

• People, Dogs and Bacteria: WCVM post doctoral fellow Dr. Joseph Rubin answers questions about his investigations of MRSA and the risk of transmission between dogs and people.

• Volunteer Vets: Through his volunteer work with Team North and Veterinarians Without Borders, fourth-year veterinary student Steve Kruzeniski has become an enthusiastic advocate for veterinary volunteerism.

• A Clear View: The WCVM’s new computed tomography (CT) unit delivers diagnostic clarity to the Veterinary Medical Centre’s clinical team.

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