Vet Topics (Summer 2011) now online

CAHF Research Fellow Dr. Lillian Su. Photo: Michael Raine.

The Summer 2011 issue of Vet Topics — news publication for the WCVM’s Companion Animal Health Fund — is now available online. Click here to download the newsletter.

This issue’s highlights include:

• Scientists Get Paws on Pet Research: Eight research teams dig into pet health research projects at the WCVM after the CAHF targets more than $75,000 to this year’s projects.

• Sharpen Up Your Vaccine Know-how: WCVM small animal internal medicine specialist Dr. Tony Carr answers frequently asked questions about pet vaccinations.

• Border Collie Collapse: Setting a Starting Point
: A WCVM research study sets the starting point for future investigations of border collie collapse (BCC).

• ICU from Eyes Inside
: Veterinary student Robyn Thrasher sits in on daily rounds at the WCVM Veterinary Medical Centre’s intensive care unit (ICU).

• One of Life’s Great Opportunities
: When Golden Opportunity finished his chemotherapy treatments, the golden retriever’s owners and WCVM caregivers held a unique ceremony to celebrate.

• Novel Therapy Could Extend Patients’ Lives: Medical oncologist Dr. Valerie MacDonald tests a chemotherapy drug called paclitaxel as a potential new treatment for hemangiosarcoma (HSA).


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