Vet Topics (Summer 2008) now on line

Canine rehabilitation, new research projects, and pet-hazardous foods and products are among the story subjects that you’ll find in the Summer 2008 issue of Vet Topics. Click here to download your own copy of the Companion Animal health Fund’s news publication.

• Feline Study Puts PCR to the Test: A researcher’s investigation of hemotrophic Mycoplasma in cat populations led to a double-check on the DNA-based test that’s commonly used to identify the parasitic bacteria.

• Belle’s Bond: The special human-animal bond is something that small animal resident Dr. Belle Nibblett appreciates and understands.

• Our Group of Seven: The Companion Animal Health Fund introduces its latest group of companion animal health studies.

• Surgeons Learn New Tricks About Canine Rehabilitation: WCVM surgeons are recognizing the benefits of putting dogs on the treadmill to recovery.

• Melanoma Therapy: Veterinary medical oncologist Dr. Valerie MacDonald uses a new therapeutic vaccine for canine melanoma on one of her patients.

• Home, Hazardous Home: What’s in your home that’s hazardous to your pet’s health?

Bits & Bites: The latest companion animal health news at the Western College of Veterinary Medicine.


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