Vet Topics: Fall 2006

The Fall 2006 issue of Vet Topics — the publication for the Western College of Veterinary Medicine’s Companion Animal Health Fund — is now available in PDF format. Here are some highlights from Vet Topics‘ latest issue:

• Strength in Numbers: Dendritic cell vaccines have shown promise in treating various types of human cancer. Now, WCVM researchers are testing whether the new immunotherapy can help dogs diagnosed with oral melanoma — a highly metastatic type of cancer.
• A New Wave of Companion Animal Research: CAHF is investing nearly $78,000 into eight pet health-related research projects that have the potential to bring a fresh wave of benefits to companion animals.
• Blood Lactate Level Watch: Results of a WCVM study show that serial measurement of blood lactate levels in critically ill dogs is one useful tool for calculating a patient’s chances of survival.
• There’s Veterinary Medicine in Her Blood: Dr. Connie Stevenson, one of the 2006-07 CAHF Fellows, has three generations of veterinarians in her family tree? Now she’s adding a new twist to an old family practice.
• Study Strives to Change Cats’ Fate: Small animal resident Dr. Cheryl Vargo’s evaluation of low molecular weight heparin’s effect on coagulation parameters in cats is one step in the search for an effective way to treat feline aortic thromboembolism (FATE).
• Tenacious Resident Receives CAHF Honour: CAHF’s second Fellow is Dr. Cheryl Vargo, a resident in small animal internal medicine who puts her whole heart into her work.

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