Vet Topics: Summer 2005

Click here to download a copy of of Vet Topics (Summer 2005). Here are some highlights of this issue’s stories:

• Prognostic Tool in Training: Designed as a training aid for elite athletes, the hand-held blood lactate analyzer may have the potential to become a standard veterinary tool for producing a more accurate prognosis of dogs in critical condition.
• The Lowdown on High Lactate Levels: Rising blood lactate measurements can often be the first sign of an animal’s worsening state even when there are no other indicators.
• A Dog Named Beautiful: Olga Kaye talks about her family’s dog, Saloni, whose life inspired the development of the Ludwig, Olga and Constance Kaye Canine Research Trust Fund.
• A Gift to Last: Establishing an endowment fund is one way to provide long-term support to companion animal health research at the Western College of Veterinary Medicine.
• Breaking the Knowledge Barrier: Six research teams at WCVM home in on specific challenges in the areas of cancer therapy, critical care, ophthlamology, pharmacology, pain control and dermatology.
• Home Improvement: WCVM’s Veterinary Teaching Hospital is undergoing a huge makeover.
• A Critical Role: Part of WCVM’s expansion is a newly designed intensive care unit in the Veterinary Teaching Hospital.
• Bits & Bites: changem31245Veterinary professor Dr. Karen Machin co-founds new rescue group for abandoned dogs; resident Dr. Alana Shrubsole attends an intensive, two-week course called SEAVET; Dr. Tony Carr presents seminars in Japan.

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