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Vet Topics (Summer 2008) now on line

Canine rehabilitation, new research projects, and pet-hazardous foods and products are among the story subjects that you’ll find in the Summer 2008 issue of Vet Topics. Click here to download your own copy of the Companion Animal health Fund’s news publication. • Feline Study Puts PCR to the Test: A researcher’s investigation of hemotrophic Mycoplasma in cat populations led to …

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Vet Topics (Fall 2007) now on line

Click here to download your copy of Vet Topics (Fall 2007). Inside this issue: • Dogged Determination: Seven WCVM-led research teams receive more than $77,000 to conduct studies in companion animal health care. • Purrfect Pain Relief: A WCVM team of scientists looks at the effectiveness of treating pain in cats with epidurally-administered analegics. • A Healthy Addition: WCVM’s health …

September 23rd, 2007 Full story »

Vet Topics (Spring 2007)

Click here to download your copy of Vet Topics (Spring 2007). Here are some highlights from the Companion Animal Health Fund’s news publication: • The Ultimate Variety Show: WCVM veterinary students are making the final preparations for VETAVISION 2007 — the largest veterinary exposition in Western Canada. • Major Donation Benefits Companion Animal Health: WCVM’s programs for companion animal-focused health …

February 06th, 2007 Full story »

Vet Topics: Fall 2006

The Fall 2006 issue of Vet Topics — the publication for the Western College of Veterinary Medicine’s Companion Animal Health Fund — is now available in PDF format. Here are some highlights from Vet Topics‘ latest issue: • Strength in Numbers: Dendritic cell vaccines have shown promise in treating various types of human cancer. Now, WCVM researchers are testing whether …

October 12th, 2006 Full story »

Vet Topics: Winter 2006

Click here to download the Winter 2006 issue of Vet Topics. Here are some highlights from this issue: • Dental Debut: When Dr. James Anthony joined WCVM’s faculty in January 2006, he became the first veterinary dentist to fill an academic role in Canada. • Cancer Care Kit: WCVM has developed a base of technologies, expertise and services that can be used …

October 11th, 2006 Full story »

Vet Topics: Summer 2005

Click here to download a copy of of Vet Topics (Summer 2005). Here are some highlights of this issue’s stories: • Prognostic Tool in Training: Designed as a training aid for elite athletes, the hand-held blood lactate analyzer may have the potential to become a standard veterinary tool for producing a more accurate prognosis of dogs in critical condition. • The …

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